How to Register

Detailed information regarding registration process can be found below. Our summer course can be found under the section Non-Degree Program/Summer Courses with our full title (One Health Approach in Newly Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases). To issue official certificate from UGM, we required a color scan of photo ID (e.g., passport, driving license, student card) and passport-sized photograph. The photograph will be attached to the certificate. Registration processes went through <>. Please do not upload personal information through other links.

Unfortunately, due to technical limitation of our admission system, prospective students can only use gmail and yahoo email address to register. As such, prospective students who can’t access these two email providers can do the registration process by sending:

  • Filled registration form (provided below).
  • A color scan of photo ID (e.g., passport, driving license, student card).
  • Passport-sized photograph

to OHCC Task Force email on <>. These documents are required for issuance of official certificate from UGM. We apologize for this inconvenience.

For further information, please contact <>.