One Health Approach in Newly Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases


Our ever expanding quest for resources and living space increases our interaction with the environment and the animals living there. This expansion serves as brewing pot for emerging and re-emerging diseases. Covid-19, dengue, and malaria are but some of such diseases. Tackling this issue requires tight interdisciplinary approach, something that One Health approach offers.

UGM took part in One Health by initiating One Health Collaborating Center Task Force (OHCC Task Force) Universitas Gadjah Mada which management involves all faculties at UGM. OHCC Task Force is also trying to implement One Health approach into research and community service activities. OHCC Task Force has held discussions with UGM stakeholders regarding research and service with the theme One Health at UGM. The results of these activities have then been followed up with recommendations to UGM. One of UGM’s follow-ups is to invite OHCC to UGM KKN training.

Based on this experience, the UGM OHCC Task Force plans to develop the One Health topic that was previously initiated in the form of a webinar series into a summer course entitled “One Health Approach in Newly Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases,” or One Health Summer Course for short. This summer course will be held on 5 – 16 September 2022.

Course Overview

One Health Summer Course is a fully online course that worth 3 academic credit (2100 minutes of learning hours). This course consists of expert lectures and structured assignments. Students are expected to attend the expert lecture and submit the assignments to receive certificate of completion. Upon completion, we will help with academic credit transfer to students’ home institution should they require it.