One Health Collaborating Center Task Force

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) is a university that implements the Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi in the fields of education & learning, research and development, as well as community service. In carrying out the Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi, especially in developing research and improving human resources in the fields of human, animal, plant, and environmental health, the UGM One Health Collaborating Center Task Force (OHCC Task Force) was formed. The OHCC Task Force was established based on the Rector’s Decree Number 353/UN1.PIII/KPT/HUKOR/2021 in 2021 that were extended through Rector’s Decree Number 360/UN1.P.III/KPT/HUKOR/2022. The Task Force is a collaboration between Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; Faculty of Animal Sciences; Faculty of Geography; Faculty of Cultural Sciences; Faculty of Social and Political Science; Faculty of Forestry; Faculty of Agriculture; and the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. This task force works directly under the Vice Rector for Education, Learning, and Student Affairs; Vice Rector for Research and Community Services; Vice Rector for Cooperation and Alumni; and Director of Research UGM.

The UGM OHCC Task Force is assigned to coordinate and develop activities in the One Health/EcoHealth and Zoonotic disease field in various health-related disciplines, including humans, animals, plants and their supporting ecological elements.

The output of the UGM OHCC Task Force are products within related topics and collaboration development in accordance with Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi. The OHCC Task Force activities were initiated in 2021 through improvement of education and community service activities in the form of regular monthly webinars with various topics related to One Health, namely:

NumberWebinar SeriesDate
1One Health: Update and One-year COVID-19 Pandemics ReflectionApril 24th 2021
2One Health: Recent Situation and the Effect of Antimicrobial ResistanceMay 22nd  2021
3One Health: Recent Situation and Malaria Elimination InitiativeJune 26th 2021 
4One Health: Recent Situation and Anthrax Transmission ControlJuly 31st 2021
5One Health: Recent Situation and Dengue Infection ControlSeptember 11th 2021
6One Health: Recent Situation and Leptospirosis Control9 October 2021
7One Health: Synergy for Research and Public Service20 November 2021
8International Collaboration on One Health Approach Research6 December 2021
Table 1. Webinar Series that we held.

Aside from the aforementioned webinar, we also held a focus group discussion (FGD) surrounding the theme “The Implementation of Trans-Sectoral Collaboration for Shared Health Interest through One Health Approach” on 23 October 2021 and “Community Empowerment through One Health-based KKN-PPM Program” on 6 November 2021.

As part of Universitas Gadjah Mada, we were involved in the development several learning modules (Table 2). To accompany these module, we’ve made, in total, 15 learning videos.

No.Module Name
1Antimicrobial Resistance
2“One Health” Approach for COVID-19
3Ecosystem Health
4Drug abuse
5Zoonotic Diseases

In addition, the task force also have created various posters and educational leaflets for the public such as “Knows MAMI’s Nutrition for a Balanced Nutrition”,” The Dangerous Effects of Smoking on Human and Animal Health”, “Maintaining Mental Health During the Pandemic”, “Physical Activity During the Pandemic”, and “COVID-19 Vaccine.”

Picture 1. A sample of our educational leaflet for the general public regarding COVID-19 Vaccine. Written in Indonesian.