Our Speakers and Programs

Prof. Tri Wibawa
  • Overview: Importance of One Health Approach: Human, Animal, and Environmental Health as Inseparable Entities
  • Current situation of AMR in the human health sector
Prof. R. Wisnu Nurcahyo
  • Animal disease and food security
  • The potential and dangers of zoonotic malaria
Prof. Mustofa
  • University Role in One Health-Based Research and Service Management
Prof. T. B. T. Satoto
  • The role and challenges of vector control in supporting vector-borne disease control
Prof. Laurent Gavotte
University of Montpellier
  • The stochastic dimension of the emergence of infectious diseases
  • The ecological dimension of emerging infectious diseases
  • Evolution and adaptation of arboviruses
Prof. Roger Frutos
  • Environment, Biodiversity, Deforestation and Emergence
  • Definitions and key concepts on emerging diseases
Prof. Tianmu Chen
Xiamen University
  • Modeling the dynamic of infectious diseases
Prof. Christian Devaux
  • Immunity and receptors in the dynamic of emerging diseases
Prof. S. Worawichawong
Mahidol University
  • The clinical dimension of emerging diseases
Prof. Ivona Foitova
Masaryk University
  • What makes a good reservoir for zoonotic diseases?
Prof. Jacques Fantini
Aix-Marseilles University
  • Evolution of variants
Prof. Eric Daudé
University of Rouen Normandie
  • The geographic approach of Aedes-borne diseases
Prof. Katharina Hauck
Imperial College London
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  • Analysis of the economic burden of health care due to AMR
Prof. Ekowati Handharyani

Prof. drh. Ekowati Handharyani, PhD, APVet.

  • Conducting Viral Surveillance on Bat Population
dr. Tiffany T. Pakasi, MA.
Indonesian Ministry of Health
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  • National Strategy for Prevention of Dengue Virus Infection
Dr. D. W. Yudianingtyas
Center of Veterinary, Maros
  • Anthrax surveillance in farm animals
Prof. Upik K.
  • The Impact of Climate Change and Vector Competence to Spread Diseases
M. S. Hakim, Ph.D
  • How Virus Adapts to Different Host Species: Study from Influenza Virus
dr. Citra Indriani, MPH
  • Community Involvement in Prevention of Dengue Virus Infection
L. Lazuardi, Ph.D
  • Climate Change and Shift in Dengue Fever Epidemiology
Elsa H. Murhandarwati, Ph.D
  • E-malaria innovation governance
Dr. A. D. Wijayanti
  • Current situation of AMR in the livestock and fisheries sector
Prof. A. E. T. H. Wahyuni
  • Prevention and control of anthrax in livestock
Prof. Adi Utarini
  • Research Synergy with One Health Approach, Good Practice Research from World Mosquito Project
Dr. Rustamadji
  • Synergy of Community Service with One Health Approach
dr. R. Ludhang P. R., Sp.MK
  • Wastewater as a Source of Antimicrobial Resistance: Importance of One Health Approach